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Beach favs Roundup:

We rounded up our favorite beach things-and do we pack minnnnnimal. No towels, chairs or wagons.

we love packing light so we can adventure down to secret beaches and not have to worry about lugging wet sandy 436 pound towels up the thousand steps beach stairs. We bring hats, never shoes or socks, a stackable bucket that locks together with two scoops and sometimes diggers. Breakfast burritos for morning strolls and bean+cheesers for mid day excursions. Sometimes a thin blanket-mexican style and a rainbow umbrella. Beach bag large enough for sunscreen, loads of water + a bento box full of fresh fruit that only mom gets to hand out. I am the no sand contamination patrol officer. And I mean business.

These are great beach bags: this one is waterproof, this one holds it all, love these natural ones and this one is a catch all I leave by the door for our flippies.

Here are some great sunscreens: this sunscreen stick is no longer available but I found a set it comes in!!!! I feel like sunbum isn't the best at blocking sun except for their mineral spray and stick. This is the good stuff I only use for my face, chest and hands.

Our fav toys that always come with us: This tractor+digger set is so fun for boys+girls, this set that locks in each piece so you aren't carrying a bazillion buckets


Obsessed with this little guys tiny little teeth. I cried when violet lost hers on the soccer field in central park. Just realizing it was an end to her toddler+baby years. Four year olds are the best. I wish I could have each of my children at that age in a room together -wouldn't that be hilarious.

mama im gonna give you a date kiss k? you got it clarkie. give me allll the smooches you got.


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