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Cilantro jalapeno HUMMUS

We love to serve this hummus along side a giant platter of grilled veggies and to top a fresh Mediterranean salad.

Dont forget to store those fresh herbs in little bud vases to extend their magical and fulfilling and wonderful life. either in your fridge or on the counter for all to swoon over.

Fav fav way to make a fun+healthy and colorful snack hummus! Recipe in the video!

Just top with a few cracks of fresh pepper, chunky salt, a drizzle of olive oil and cilantro tops.

Bust out that @oxo mandolin for consistent and thin thin thin slices

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Hummus RECIPE:

Throw all in a blender..

garbanzo or chickpea-1 can drained

olive oil- 4-5 T. to the consistency you like

tahini- 2-3 giant spoonfuls


garlic seasoning-1/2 tsp to taste

cilantro- ends of an entire bunch+save tops for garnish

spinach- giant handful or two

lemon juice- half a fresh lemon

fresh unpeeled garlic- 3cloves

jalapeno- 1/2-1 seeded

seve with fresh naan, trader joes garlic+herb pita chips or make your own!

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