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Manly man gift guide

Tod the bod put together a list of his favorite things- just so you know.. he’s a master mind in all things manly. He welds, builds things out of exotic wood, has worked in the tech industry doing smart technology since 2004.

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we own a few of these ans love the wuality and style. 1-3 days worth of clothing and if traveling by way of airplane, acts as a TSA approved personal item. It's lightweight and agile, yet just as strong as the bigger versions. Built for overnight adventures, road trips and beach hangs.

THIS is your end all be all. Throw all your other ryobi TOYS away and upgrade your mans power tools for some quality..last forever..ultra powerful.. and precise WMD.

Todd only buys quality. His love runs deep for dewalt. He said this set is all you need.

This kit includes NINE 20 volt MAX Lith tools:

recip saw

circular saw

oscillating tool

LED work light

4 1/2 inches grinder

Bluetooth speaker

3/8 inches right angle drill

1/2 inches drill driver

impact driver

Includes 2-20 volt MAX XR batteries

CAMERA DRONE- 3-Axis Gimbal, 2.7K Camera, GPS, 30-min Flight Time, Reduced Weight, Less Than 0.55lbs

I bought this drone for Todd for Father’s Day and we’ve loved taking it on adventures from the rain forests of Costa Rica to sneaking it into Central Park and having to have it follow us home since we couldn’t land it back down 😅

Trimmer for beard, head, bodddddy, and face. No blade oil needed. This is NOT a hair clipper set you would use for your boys and then pass off to your husband to do his manscaping. Get your hubby his own damn set. SMART MINI PROJECTOR

we love using this camping, swim in movies on giant floaties in the pool or hot tub

ROWENTA HANDHELD STEAMER Todd loves this steamer. Uses AND puts it away almost every day. We used to have a stand up one in the closet but this one is much handier and nice to put away.

APPLE airtag 4 pack These are so good. Never loose your keys. Wallet. Backpacks. Purse. Children.. I mean Remotes again.

tap on the app or ask Siri to help you find something and she’ll navigate you step by step through your house to find it down to the nearest foot. honestly use this every day.

SMART LIGHT BLUB SET control with your voice and change up the colors for a dance party to match your mood. Todd has bought these for everyone. Your TECHY family members with love it and love to program their own party mode settings

HARRY’S SHAVE SET +1 Not your average shave set. He’s been using harrys for over 5 years and loving it. -and I use it too. Better quality than the crappy flamingo/Billie razor.

todd king of all things geeky and TECHY has these noise cancelling headphones right now and loves them

Get this for your hubby so he can clean up his haircut inbetween visits or to tidy up your kids hairlines.

DIGITAL WIFI SMART SCALE all the boys in the house are obsessed with this scale. body fat, BMI, water percentage, muscle and bone mass, a pregnancy tracker and baby mode ha!

Game changer. love how the charger doesn’t go missing or the fact that I can’t sneak it into the car with me and then can’t find one at midnight when I’m passing out 😂

BLOWUP KAYAK also has pockets :)-for fishing! Comes with a pump+so easy to set up.. I set up the beach towels and toys while the kiddies set this one up. Couldnt be easier and more user friendly. I think it comes with a backpack too!

game over. Your life is now complete. If you’re real bouggie you’ll get a second for the guest bathroom.

RUBBER INTERLOCKING GYM FLOOR TILES Ordered these for the kids+Todd’s bro pad- with all the coolest things for their home gym

NORDICTRACK SMART FITNESS MIRROR-the vault ps it’s $325 offf right now! This Smart Mirror display comes with a fitness training system

HOME GYM FOR UNDER $1k We ordered this for our boys. not the fanciest, not the cheapest ;)

LUTRON CASETA SMART SWITCH KIT- works with Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and the Google Assistant. We replaced all of our switches in this house and our apartment in New York… It’s so nice to be able to shut off your lights and house from afar or at the end of the night and say “good night house”


Best OFF GRID END OF THE WORLD Walkie talkie Motorola Talkabout T800 Bluetooth connection to your cell-phone which can create a mini messaging network even when you’re completely outside coverage. Range: 35 miles (line-of-sight), 6 miles. Battery: 14h (rechargeable)


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