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Nutella buttercream frosting

Nutella buttercream swirled cupcakes 🧁 so light and fluffy you won’t even know your eating chocolate (words from my chocolate hating Violet)

Frosting recipe here:

3 sticks butter

5+ cups powdered sugar

1.5 c Nutella

1/3 cup heavy cream/whole milk

1 teaspoon vanilla

1/4 tsp. salt

Soften butter in mixer, then add in the rest and whip an extra 5 min to whip air into it. Mix to your fav consistency adding in more cream or powdered sugar as needed.

Mixing anything into a basic buttercream is ALWAYS better than classic. Try swapping out the Nutella for these: creamy peanut butter, Biscoff/cookie butter, a couple scoops of lemon curd, berry jam, home made caramel (scroll for a recipe of that!! - it’s on a salted caramel hot cider post)


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