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The Best Root Touch-up Products+scalp line softeners According to experts: tfs-the fashion spot

Reposted my favorites I contributed to an article for TheFashionSpot. As anyone who dyes their hair will tell you, there’s nothing quite as annoying as the pesky re-growth that starts to pop up a few weeks post-coloring. No matter whether it’s tell-tale grays showing on your brunette base, or dark hairs popping up on your platinum hue, roots are the first sign that it’s time to book your next salon visit.

But, what to do until then? You could totally rock your roots with pride or keep a hat on or you can reach for a temporary root touch-up. These convenient products do exactly that; cover your roots with color that lasts until your next shampoo. There are tinted sprays that are just as easy to use as dry shampoo, (get this charcoal one) natural-looking powders that blend in seamlessly, and solid sticks that make precise application a breeze. Best of all, the color they deliver will stay put, yet still wash out with plain ol’ shampoo, (loving LEGENDARY rn) so there’s none of the stress—or likelihood for potentially disastrous results—that comes with DIY hair color.


Mascara+primer-Love this set from RevitaLash cosmetics 2-in-1

Cake liner- Water resistant+lasts a few days, builds your lash line for fuller longer lashes from Laura mercier

Tightline flat brush- only brush approved by an eye dr. To perform this technique. Each bristle is actually rounded to not hurt your eye when attempting for the first time ;)

Lash comb tool- house of lashes makes a brilliant lash tool kit+ individual lashes

Flawless skin- Armani Beauty luminous silk foundation buildable and incredible

Dibs cream blush+contour- incredible color payout with a double ended blush+cream contour stick I own every shade triples for a monochrome lip look+soft subtle eye


  • I've also included some fav color refresh shampoos+a great brunette masque when its the dead of summer and you cant get in to see your stylist-you're heading out on another tropical adventure but your bronde ends are now-nice and BRASSY. Try this cocoa masque to keep them hydrated and refreshed or this no orange shampoo from FANOLA. so. good. start shampooing, shave one leg and then rinse. If you shave the other-well lets just say you'll be looking more like your cute little grannyma with a nice link blue or purple bouffant instead of riri.

  • This no yellow shampoo by FANOLA is great for ice queens and cool toned blondes.

  • COLORWOW’s root cover up -is one of my favorite root concealers, that doesn't just cover greys and dark roots, but refreshes highlights, thickens and perfects thinning hairlines

  • I love Rita Hazan's root concealer touch-up spray. "it has buildable pigment depending on your hue that allows you to enhance dull color between stylists visits. its transfer-, weather- and sweat-proof and also comes in a cute aerosol can with a pinpoint actuator nozzle to get it exactly where you want it.” -

  • This one literally does it all- Style edit touch up spray instantly conceals grays or unwanted regrowth between salon visits. its sweat and rain resistant, but washes out with your next shampoo day. Save $24 and get this pack on overstock rn for a crazy great price. Normally $25 each and they have a three pack for $51.99.

  • LOVE ZIGZAG volume texture spray and just realized it’s tinted! Woot woot let’s go! One for the not naturally blonde and omg that product just gave me ashy white grey roots.. girls :)

  • BOLDIFY HAIR thickening FIBERS-Clump-proof fibers for a real hair effect & undetectable finish: they are the premium bald spot cover up for women and men. kit staple.



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