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5 ingredient Hot fudge sauce

Our family favorite. Thick, rich and buttery. Just a couple high quality ingredients and you have a dreamy hot fudge peppermint ice cream with brownie crumbles sundae, hot cocoa or fondue ready for a last minute New Year’s Eve bash. Just 5 ingredients: 1. CHOCOALTE CHIPS-12oz semi sweet (See’s or Guittard or Trader Joe’s are all great options) 2. BUTTER- 1stick-1/2c. good quality salted butter 3. SWEETENED CONDENSED MILK-Eagle brand. Don’t buy the generic 4. CORN SYRUP-karo…don’t try and make your own 5. SALT- a pinch or two of sea salt..don’t even think about that table salt from dennys.
6. OPTIONAL: Espresso Powder 1/2-1tsp Ina Garten says a couple pinches will enhance the flavor of the chocolate and whats better than that! End of the day.. Ina would tell you.. if you don’t have the 4 minutes it takes to whip this up, store bought is fine.
I have to disagree 😂 not today Ina.
Peppermint ice cream omg ! When it’s not in season.. swap out for mint n chip or Häagen-Dazs coffee ice cream. Insane!

5 ingredient Hot fudge sauce
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