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Violets Girly Girl Gift Guide

Anything you can create, make or build.. glittery, spunky or sparkly, easy to roller skate in or twirl and jump in at the trampoline park-violets got you covered. More fun things from violets room and craft corner are here on this post with alll the tips to build your own! TRIPLE TAP to shop VIOLET’s favorites: BABOONTOTHEMOON go bag-in small Fits up to 4 outfits and shoes for the weekend. FULLY WATERPROOF, has 3 interior pockets and 2 more on the outside. Very well made, great quality and worth the price. Plus their marketing is so good- you instantly feel cool joining the baboon club. Any+all SUPERSMALLS JEWELRY SETS Ridiculously cute, majorly adorable and all the rage. Wear any of these sets to your next tea party and they’ll most likely nominate you to be next in line to be the next fancy nancy. Assorted Resin CANDY+TREAT CHARMS darling for bedazzling a boring sweater, hat or make into a neclace or clips for your hair FLOWER VASE For a flower that never dies, holds water and looks oh so pretty in the sunlight. Acrylic+comes in 5 color ways. CUTEST PINK MARY JANES from Steve Madden-on mega sale right now. PINK NUTCRACKER SOLDIER COSTUME Most darling set including velvet coat, tulle skirt and gold lam hat.
LEGO DOT ROCKET SHIP/CLOUD which happens to be a pencil holder. How cute is that. Fully customizable every day! Love this JEWELRY STAND AS WELL!
LEGO makes so many cute things for girls now. How darling is this LEGO PICTURE FRAME SET MATCHING AMERICAN GIRL PJ SET
Runs a little large but better than a onesie wedgie right? Violet has matching ones with her cousin+BFF next door neighbor and their dolls. Nothing cuter! Almost the next best thing to having an actual sister 🙆🏼‍♀️ 10 BARBIE GOWNS+17 accessories Aren’t these just a darling?! Comes with matching shoes, necklace and even a tiara. AZALEA DAISY SMALL PURSE Such a darling crossbody phone pouch but violet just used her for treats +colored pencils for sundays CRYSTAL STUDDED KNOTTED HEADBAND from maisonette. Everything in their shop is so good 390 PIECE RINESTONE STICKER SE T Violet is going to poop cupcakes when she opens this set! Found the TAMAGATCHI’s from 1996. I tomogotchuuuuu. Let’s hear it for the 90s kids whoaaaaaaaa. (Love that song!) we’re going down with the ship like Leonardo… I'm just tryna get Super Smashed Nintendo.. If you are new to the 90s reboot scene then I’ll give you the 411.. these hand held digital pets are so much fun to take care of, they wake you up to feed them and you must take care of your cute little egg (tamagot) from Japan. Is there anything more magical than this STRAWBERRY SEQUIN DRESS The cutest blush summer dress with sequin strawberries on tulle! True to size.
RAINBOW EYESHADOW PALETTE with cute little lavender detail brush from tarte!
BEIGE.MAUVE.yellow Chelsea BOOTS Leather Chelsea boots with natural rubber soles.
1460 8-EYE BOOT FLORAL MASH UP With dozens of colors, patterns, and fabrics to choose from, plus quality and durability that will last a lifetime, there is not better boot for your little rebel. Super LUX BEAD SET DIY KIT by SuperSmalls This METALLIC/Glitter EYELINER SET comes with 10 liquid eyeliners with a pretty little precise applicator for the prettiest fairy or rockstar dress up looks

Darling DAYS OF THE WEEK lip balm set by SuperSmalls both clarke and violet will be getting these cute little things!! How darling are these MERMAID TAIL MAKEUP BRUSHES. We got a set with matching GLITTER GEL a few years back from tarte and still love them.
RAINBOW GEM TRACK SUIT Grey French terry track set- lightweight, perfect for all seasons, covered in rainbow gems! Sweet stop ICE CREAM TRUCK with alllll the fun foods+electroni…. Even a blinker! This truck fits an American girl doll or next gen.

PINK SEQUIN JOGGERS with striped trim
WIDE BRIM BLUSH HAT 100% Australian Wool- we buy one from cotton on every year and violet begs to wear hers even in the summer 😂 FRANKIE PUFFER JACKET in peach because you already have pink FUZZY HAIR TIES cotton-on has the cutest hair accessories
BRASS DESK LAMP simple design to go with your eclectic artist GEL NAIL KIT +a ton of colors+nail glitter+gems BEACH BUNNY ROLLER SKATES traditional high top boot, Ankle padding, and High rebound outdoor wheels with glitter UNI THE UNICORN BOOK+PLUSH TOY SET In this clever twist on the age-old belief that there's no such thing as unicorns, Uni the unicorn is told there's no such thing as little girls! No matter what the grown-up unicorns say, Uni believes that little girls are real.
40 ROLL WASHI TAPE SET violet loves making art with these mostly :) look up donald Robertson and you’ll see what I mean :) just the coolest UNICORN TAPE DISPENSER need I say more MATCHING FALL COLOR HAIR BOW S -set of 8 (16 bows) love getting extra sets for unexpected birthday parties- such a hit VELVET HOLIDAY HAIR BOW SET of 12 (24 bows) these are to die for. I bought yards and yards of amazing ribbon+trim at mood when we lived in Manhattan+planned to make into bows.. but why when these are SO good. Wham bamboom
MERI MERI ICE CREAM PURSE - I stinking love everything that Meri Meri creates. Always so whimsical, WhitTy and magical SWAN LACE PURSE -on sale for $13 🦢 RED HEAD BALLERINA DOLL Our very very favorite American girl knock off line at target is just so good especially since they are less than $25- that way you can get all the adorable accessories+matching pets FUZZY FLASH JOGGER SET IN PINK Super plush and soft pink lightning flash set! -true to size -machine washable STAMPABLES , scentable and double ended markers. Do I need to say anything more besides umm every girlygirl needs this set. Also maybe because .. I had these and loved them when I was 8 too!! I loved using the star, happy face, and heart. ALSO RUNNNN on over to mini voyager for the best travel toys+tips!
KIDS DUNE BUGGIE Violets bff Daisy has this dune buggie and they ride it every day. She is begging for her own and a LED flagpole to attach to it MAGICAL FLYING PIXIES - hatchimals makes this darling chargeable flying pixie that you can control using the palm of your hand RAINBOW HIGH dolls violets obsessed with these dolls, She has Bella the pink one and I’m getting her the purple one for Christmas with the puffy purple/lavender fur jacket. I love how these have normal body shapes and come with loads of fashionable outfit options and aren’t as scary as the brat dolls.

Violets Girly Girl Gift Guide
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