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So excited to share with you one of my favorite rooms of the house: the bro zone. Sure, it my not look like a typical nerf+action figure+star wars poster infested boy room but I assure you, its all in there. My Brawny man designed+welded these bunks with his own two hands-que dreamy heart eyes-we love them and our TodDAbod and their simplistic modern vibe. (want to see more of his projects? k cool. coming soon to a DIY link near you.) His measurements are always...perfect-but in this case too too exact and we didn't account for making the bed part. SUCH a struggle to make the bed after wash day, we happily found BEDDYS- the two in one amazing for but not limited to-bunk bedding. The top comforter ZIPS closed so making your bed is just a quick zip. No extra sheets to tuck in the edges or comforter to fold or tidy.. so easy a 4 year old can do it. In fact: its actually Clarkes job. "go zip the beds!" has been our favorite part of the day now.

The inspiration started with a few of my husbands 1970something sports trophies. Perfectly retro with such a cool vibe. I wanted it to feel dark and moody with a funky eclectic science professor twist with curiosities, maps, charts, newspaper clippings and a space the boys felt was truly their own. Personally I feel happiest in a collected home. Not one you can just purchase from amazon and arrive the next day. ( though .. I have linked some of our basic staples you can add to YOUR collection ;) There is a complicated and funny story behind each item in this room. The amazing price I haggled that meadow painting for in the Chelsea market which at the time KILLED me thinking I spent way too much ($50 ha!) , Mrs. Frankenstein print I made from our first of many epic fear factor halloween parties, self portraits, Thor hammer potato print from a quarantine craft day, cheeky advertisements since I love a good graphic design moment, kimchi pot from Beijing and all the vintage robots, all collected piece by piece. Our lives tell a story right? I love a room that echos that. Where we have been and what adventures we hope for. Now for the bins. Those babies definitely can tell you where we are right now. Marvel land.dinosaur land. barbie land and lets not forget car and dress up land.

As you can see, we love using vintage finds to house our random things and hide clutter. Over the years and visiting many a flea markets in LA/Manhattan I've found my most treasured pieces-military bins, old trunks, Factory sorting containers, and army bakeware-used for sorting our legos/crayons/chunky plastic beads.

Here is a little list of things you can add into your children's or game rooms to add a little *flare* ok and a few staples too.


FUN things:


RUG- this rug is as old as clarke. this dotted rug is cool in natural or navy this nice and tidy one is great


COOL BINS- these military crates YES! love these industrial metal factory bins stackable wooden storage bins-we have 12 in the closet and two smaller under the kitchen sink

BEDDING- zipped bedding-makes tidying up so stinkin easy. and making bunk beds? are you kidding rn?


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