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Make ART not WAR

This is a little saying we have in our house. If someone is having a bad morning and wants to mess with someone else's day we tell them.. go make art not war. By the end of their little time-out to think quietly, they are new again, refreshed and feel good about themselves once more. Most of the time they've made a beautiful sorry note or just forgot why they were mad to begin with and invite the stinker back in to craft with them. ha! oh the witchcraft trickery that goes on in this house ;)

Felt squares stacked, glitter neatly stored, things organized by color family and some (paints).... used too frequently to bother. scissors have a hook.washi tapes have a dowl.stickers have a basket and our glues and gluegun collection have their own as well. Paper is always out, Pencils of all kinds are sharpened, scraps and remains from each project remain on the floor and every surface nearby like confetti and we are ready for the next celebration.

This color wheel poster kit is from papersource, we have a few more maps in the boys room+science bro zone too.

Im SO excited to show you our supply list of things we have searched all over for and found+tips on how to make your very own creative+colorful space for the people you love-even if that means just you.

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Violets window goes out to the chicken run, every morning she opens the window and sings to her ladies. They come running over to her kissy kiss sounds and hop up to the windowsill as she feeds them flakes of oatmeal and blueberries. She fluffs and straightens out their feathers and dresses each one up in outfits and crowns.

Meet OZZY-our Delaware hen who lays dusty pink eggs and loves rainbow sprinkles.

BATMAN-our Silver-laced hen is our loudest+earliest riser+ loves jumping up to eat the blackberries violet and Clarke dangle down for her. She lats our speckled brown eggs and is a really great layer.

CHICKFILA- an Ameracauna feisty hen who started as the runt but as we fed her separately and gave her some confidence now steals everyones little pile of treats, knocks over. their water and lays us green and blue eggs. We picked these breeds based on their egg laying skills, demeanor and if they are friendly with children.

Back to our craft organization tips! Felt is the best craft supply- no need to actually hem the edges, glues easily and fun to cut for those early motor skill leaners.

These gold sorting cups are from h+m home-love them for storing pens, markers, pipe cleaners.

These kitty cat and owl glasses are from anthropology+fishtails are flying tiger in nyc. These mini suction jars come in a three pack from ikea and they have had them for years. We also store a variety of sprinkles in them as well. pom poms.sequins. All the doodads.All in one place.


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