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Meet the Gharrings!

We are a rowdy bunch of 6 that enjoys adventure, travel and good food. Whether it's us making it or on a quest to find it, come join us as we navigate thru these parenting messes and sweet moments. We have 4 children, Beckham, Oliver, Violet and Clarke, 3hens and a TodDaBod. If you don't have one of those well, you are in luck because we share. He can put in smart lighting, welds gates, chandeliers, fireplaces and funky chairs. Fascinated with exotic wood, anything but rustic (whoops) and has a very clean eye for design. Loves teaching our children about science, technology, engineering and that Saturday's are for sweating, building, programing, hauling things, napping and eating really big lunches.

From the spring of 2016 to right before covid hit in 2020 we migrated to the upper west side of manhattan in New York City. What an experience that was for us and to leave behind our suburban, lemonade stand, chalk covered sidewalk, drive thru, relaxed beach life. wow were we in for a fun awakening. trader joes runs will never be the same. (20 pnts to whoever watched our stories of us hauling groceries back via stroller-with butternut squashes rolling into oncoming traffic and a clarke aboard as well. Clarke was a riot. i had to hold out a lolli from the second we walked in, if he didn't say one mean thing to someone he could have it at the end. he never got the lolli. but we gave him constellation prize stickers. he would legit take things from other peoples carts and put them back or put them in our cart. wiggled from his straps and would run with the stroller still attached. apples rolling everywhere. ask sweet ladies where their face went, why does it look like a skeleton, ask if someone ate their cat since they were so fat. ask if people pooped in their pants since they smelled like it. ( I mean I don't compleeeetley blame him- i wanted to know as well..) the city wasn't the hard part of any of it. the city is magical and beautiful and full of magic. what was hard? CLARKE+the city. they were the ultimate daily wildcard duo. and it terrified me. he would yell at the grocers. WHY are you taking our food from us!

One time I managed to spend over $300 and fit it all on a stroller. Looking like THE ultimate bag lady. The resident homeless all along the route home gave me nods of approval. if there was one thing I learned from them, it was how to properly balance a bagged up stroller. It was 34 out and I had on a sports bra and leggings. no need for a gym or a jacket with this work out pushing this mountain from 95th to 84th. ofcourse when we arrived home-clarke would be sleeping and I had a good 3 sets of stars to climb. ahhh. bring clarke in first? no, the whole thing will tip! Well then the frozen stuff?? nope, thats balancing the drinks on the other side. hmmm. I know. ill leave him in the lobby with our doorman. run inside to open the window. back around to the front of the building and toss them all in one by one. deal. oh shoot. how is it already school pickup. ok that wont work today. borrow scissors from the front, lift clarke and the 768 pounds of groceries and canned goods tetris-ed down below where you'd normal only fit half a handbag, alllll the way up, all three sets of stairs cut all the bags off-leave at your porch which is actually outside since its a really weird building-and remember its 34 out so everything is going to be just fine outside, put clarke in the back of my bike and truck IT back up to 89th with him leaning/sleeping on my back-making it just in time for pickup. we'd head over to the great lawn in central park, roll around in our giant puffy jackets, throw balls and frisbees and get them all stuck in the trees, grab a few slices of pizza on the way home, and then meet up with todd at the met, or natural history museum, get more pizza, head home to find our groceries were safe and sound and now all completely frozen. :)

A farewell to this beautiful citylife.

. . . . . . . . Winter 2020.

Is it possible to dream that you are dreaming? Please don’t wake me up. Let me live in this limbo. 🥰😭 I knew this day would come and that my heart would forever ache. Like when someone knocks the wind out of you.I knew it would be hard to go and real life would call us back but man it was good while it lasted.City life is hard.It’s a hard life and it humbles every person who walks these streets real quick. It rounds out those edges. It refines you and spits you out tougher, gentler, quicker on your feet and more real than you’ll ever be.This is not a town for phonies, filters or one uppers.We are all just surviving together.We’ve all been yelled at by a homeless person, a crazy person, a normal person, given up a jacket, our breakfast, our peace and patience.But we live for it.New York is grit. It might be my favorite part of it. So much of what I associate with it is the strong women.I think the world of these modern pioneers that have changed me for the better. They are so so good.So inspiring, so humble yet proud+strong+determined.I shed quite a few tears over loosing them and missing the strolls home admiring the architecture and beauty of the streets. Blaming Chinese food for the puffy eyes+migraines right now😅

Lessons I’ve learned🚕🗽🏙Stepping in what you think is just a puddle on the side walk turns out,is never water. An empty subway car on a busy Saturday morning? -not a score.most likely filled with throw up or a half dressed dude. Perfectly good furniture on the sidewalk?don’t take it.possible bedbugs. Strangers will always offer to help you with your luggage or stroller up the stairs even if you say you don’t want help. Strangers will love to give you parenting advice. Even if you didn’t ask for it. Even if you're across the street. Even if you are across central park. If your children are less than 12 years of age they can stay on their bicycles. They do not have to demount and walk their bikes in CP.we looked it up martha. Don’t take pictures with characters in Times Square if you don’t have a dollar.Don’t take a pedicab from Times Square to the upper west side if you don’t have $200 cash. Do visit the whispering tunnel in grand central.Try the bee sting pizza at robertas. Visit all thirty something playgrounds in Central Park and try it in one day💪🏽Do bring cardboard to share for the marble slide just behind the alice n wonderland statue. If stevie wonder is rehearsing with bruno mars on the great lawn.. you stay until its dusk and pizzarat is on the loose.Don’t you dare eat Pizza by the slice without folding it after the second bite. Doesn't matter if its Patsys, Rays, Joes, or Made in NewYork, Motorinos or julianis, difara or lucali. To truly know New York is to truly love its pizza.

Bought a house in Laguna Niguel 2015

Spain 2017

Ladera Ranch 2012

Switzerland 2018

Here is a gem for you: todd and my first and second date. one was to pick up sticks (in 2002 it was super cool) and the other was to Knotts berry farm. At the time I was still in high school in yearbook club as a graphic designer and snuck in a picture of us. (todd was attending BYU at the time-not a member of TVHS ha!)

Still not quite sure he knows this ;) After spending the entire summer in California it was time for him to head back up to school. Knowing he had a week left and being super young and basically my first relationship, i had no idea there were rules. i called him every morning, what should we do today? want to teach me how to surf? should we do Disneyland? omg lets do tijajuana. miniature golf? yup that too. He introduced me to board n brew on our second date and i was like. this is it. baja beef for him. baja chicken for me. sometimes California delight. we got married that following august and chacha! here we are almost celebrating...drumroll 19 years oh heavens!

JULY 2002


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