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Queen Violet Rue

Named after the flower filled streets of Paris and a great great grandmother on BOTH sides ( one who in fact wrote, Upon the cross of calvary-so sweet right?)... this little creative+kind creature really lives up to her name. Her walls, wooden carved out bed frame, pillows and even her bedsheets are flowered. Insists on putting flowers in her hair, making flower wreaths and having 62 little flowers in bud vases all around her room at all times from all her mandatory nature walks. She is as sweet as she is magical. Violet often wakes you up like a butterfly would with tiptoes and trails of little jagged heart shaped cut out love notes behind her. Always first to give care and aid when someone is hurt, offers fresh ice water mid-day with berries or sprinkles without knowing its needed. A blanket, an extra pillow or even a stuffed animal to keep whoever company and whoever might need it. Always carrying around and smoothing out the feathers of her chicken, singing to them or dressing them up in on of her latest creations. It all started when they were first baby chicks and she dressed them up in cupcake liner skirts. Her art corner is hardly ever tidy and that is it. Well loved, well used and welcome to all.


RUFFLES. and Lashes and FRECKLES oh my!

This funky and global inspired mirror I had seen in Jonathon Adler's apartment in New York and I just had to recreate it. I found it at a world market way out of town and had my brother pick it up for me while on a work trip luckily in that area. With only 4 rows of mirrors and a few missing once I got it, I picked up a bag of assorted size circle mirrors+a gluegun from Michael's and went to town. I love that it has just the right amount of glitzy+gaudy and vintage for this space. We found this cubby/shelf/dresser at an import store in san juan Capistrano-this particular piece came from India and was a wedding chest that we turned into violets closet. a stack of pants, a stack of jackets, a stack of top and dresses. Her gowns and dress up party pieces are in my closet so its simple+easy for her to dress herself hourly and also put her things away ;) I read once that its smart to use vintage pieces in children's bedrooms because:

1.they are super hard on everything

2. they cant totally beat it up

3. old stuff is just made SO well.

So much better than any factory made thing you can buy these days from the internet. Honestly the vintage pieces we have really have great hardware, they don't warp with accidental water spills, and comes back to life after a sticker party. Just don't buy anything thats already sticky or smells weird :)

Im so lucky to have a daughter in the 2000s when the wet brush was invented. i remember my sister chasing me to brush my hair and dousing my head in conditoner or the entire bottle of that fruity leave in stuff to get thru the snarls. THE WORST. love these super thin bristles and their flexibility as you tidy up last nights wild slumber party nest. I know if violets pillow fell during the night based on her hairstyle. She comes out with a real fun one in the morning if she didnt have her silk pillow cased one. SLIP pillow cases-not just for mamas worried about wrinkles and frizz free hair anymore ;)

all beautiful images by my dearest CASSY ROWLAND


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