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Travel Essentials

Either traveling solo or with kiddie bops, traveling to somewhere tropical? I gotchu. I've put together a list of our very favorites. Starting with these rad packing cubes from MUMI watch+see all I can pack and keep nice+tidy. scroll down for a few videos what to pack and what not to!! warning:bug spray is not your friend. hungry bugs are.


Great packing cube travel set and on sale right now. With laundry+shoe bags+toiletry set.

SLIP-silk pillow case-nothing like those scratchy hotel pillow cases on a sunburned face. Also keeps your sunkissed hair looking+feeling shiny.

T3 travel sized flat iron+blowdryer set (get 20% off-$90 rn with BritBrit20)

Easy peasy cream blush+highlighter by kosas-did you know you can legit sleep in all kosas makeup? Super clean, nourishing ingredients that help hydrate, sooth and take care of your skin. They ban over 2700 ingredients found in other beauty products. so so good. Love this MASCARA and this LIP OIL as well. All I used on our last trip to Costa Rica. AH! And guess what-I just found a set woot woot.

Tinted 50spf sunscreen stick? yes please. Surprisingly great coverage. TATCHA -the good stuff 35spf for your pretty little mug+chest+hands and maybe your kids if you really like them.

St.Tropez self tanning mist A MUST on or off Vacay. Green based super fine mist ensures no orange faces and doesn't make you smell like a tanning salon.

Here are a few of my favorite hair masks: Brigio repair mask- was sent for a job with IPSY- and turns out I really loved it. This Mega Moisture one from MONAT is dreamy and loving the MONEY Mask by colorwow rn.

I have a tiny bit of wave in my hair but only if I don't brush it right out of the shower- so when I press in a dallop of this air dry curl cream it refreshes gives the best waves!

Love these Mircrofiber towels for wicking away h20 but leaving just enough moisture behind-while making the cutest little turbans+plus you get 15% off with code BRITBRIT15 yay!

Cool down aloe gel- so so good on crispy sunburned shoulder. soothes on impact.

Toys for the plane, hotel or while you are waiting for acai bowls. Get these rad mini voyager packs take out all the guess work and have everything you need. These little surfer guys for the beach sorry you have to get two-they are just too fun to race and ooh these little figit toys, clarke loved these stretchy sensory guys and this mazeball toy entertained my 5, 10+13 year old.

Uno, a few decks of cards+these mini books are fun to use as travel journals, and my kids fight over them for their own little stories+comics.

Talamanca+Cahuita, Costa Rica

Barcelona, SPAIN

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