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Hair Products That Let Your Curls Live Their Best Life: ALLURE+Byrdie+Omagazine

Photographed by:Jenn Collins Makeup: Amy Clarke Hairstyling: Brittany Gharring

Wearing your hair au naturel has never been cooler, but those of us with curly or wavy strands know that letting our kinks loose with abandon is easier said than done. Our curls can only be as good as the products we use—defined, gorgeous curls and healthy, hydrated strands go hand in hand, after all. Im going to share with you a few of my curly hair girl favorites.

  • Look no further for a curl cream that does it all, there are a few key components that are essential and curliecue from MARIA NILA delivers:1. hydrates 2. adds bounce to limp, dry strands 3. provides enough slip to detangle 4. keeps your curls tight and in place

  • Loving this shampoo+conditioner duo for extra hydration that locks in moisture

  • Apply with a few scrunches post-shower on microfiber towel dried, non brushed out hair. I typically work cream from roots to ends on damp hair, twisting different sized sections around my fingers going different directions.

  • It works just as well if you diffuse, with the T3 soft curl dryer+diffuser or air dry- apply to large sections of the hair and twist into coils for a more defined look. The less you fuss the better!

  • The best edge smoother #1 thing that goes missing from my kit besides my travel blowdryer+pinky curling iron. For those jobs where iI cant place my beloved pinky, i often use this wooden rattail comb+flat iron

  • Jet setter? Minimalist? Dont want too many irons in your drawer? Get this set from AMIKA-interchangeable iron set-for textured hair. It's the smallest diameter set I have found on the market.


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I learned so many tricks when I worked with Tracee Ellis Ross on this shoot for Omagazine, first of all she wanted to do her hair herself with the soundtrack of her dear friend Sia's "Chandelier" on repeat. At least 20x no joke. It hadn't come out yet and we loved it. Tracee along with many of my textured haired models+clients are always a little protective of their coils at first. It is until i share with them my love of the art of curlies, coilies & tight textures. We work together to create separation, movement and keeping the strands hydrated and healthy looking. I used a pinky curling iron for the few unruly ones and curl cream on the others. A few years later after this Oprah Magazine shoot, Tracee sent me her entire styling line she had just created and thoughtfully named PATTERN. Complete with the softest microfiber hair towel, beautiful pick, aerosol water spray bottle and her lovely line of curl creams+conditioners. Have curls? try this line out.



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