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Why a POP of color should be your new Summer obsession.


Just as the easy, breezy weather calls for lighter and brighter clothes, the season change is an impetus for adding a retina-burning dose of color above the neck, too. If you so dare, consider having a go at yellow, red or even colbalt blue eyeshadow, a bold and invigorating statement that’s easier to pull off than you think.

So you’re not a bold makeup lover-thats fine but if this is the craziest thing you’ll attempt this summer..I think it's time you give it a go. Choosing a wearable color from an eyeshadow palette of bright, lively shades can be seriously intimidating. Here are a few fun ways to swipe, smear and strategically place those wild hues.

  • Start by paring back the rest of your makeup look, keeping it soft+subtle, steering clear of strong contour and focusing on a glowing, even-toned complexion.

  • Before adding pigment to the lids, layer on a matte concealer or eye primer, which is key to get the color to pop. Fix+ hydrating spray intensifies eye shadow colour on impact.

  • Don’t blend +fuss with the shadow too much-you want the pigment to stand out. Press the color on versus swiping and blending with blending brushes.

  • Finish with a coat or two or four of mascara +opting out of liner completely issssa vibe. Using these fun and not so serious shades in place of your liner? M A J O R. don’t overthink it. Be confident. Have fun.

Shay Rudolph for AVANT magazine wearing Dior on stage liner in matte turquoise

Cream peach blush from KOSAS on her cheeks

Shay Rudolph virtual shoot with JENN COLLINS wearing Skywash in lawn by glossier layered on top of a white eyeliner pencil to POP. Using my v v very favorite lippy-SARA HAPP lip slip masque. Armani luminious silk foundation mixed with Tatcha's serum stick for extra glow

Raven Lyn editorial with Jenn Collins+Namvo in Dangerous+lady danger matte lip color+cheek from M.A.C.


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