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Beckham+ Olivers TEEN/TWEEN Gift Guide

Beckhams gift guide for TEENS Olivers guide to TWEENS who want to have a good time.

Have a teen into science, engineering and creating? Beck’s got you covered.

Or how about an Oliver who's into working out, being active and just all around classic boy stuff.

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Love this Phone Controlled BULLDOZER you can build, program, and modify. Truly a LEGO set for adults/brainiac kids.

Not going to lie. We love using this

SALT-o-BUG gun on more than just each other and flies.. this is how we keep the raccoons from stealing our avocados or our chickens.

Our family and our neighborhood love this ROCKET Launch Kit. We’ve designed decorated and launched over 20 of them! This set is foolproof and comes with two compatible engines. When you’re buying rockets online.. they typically don’t come with engines and this one is ready set to go. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve ran to Hobby lobby to pick up engines to find out they are too big or too small to launch the big Bertha. (That one is amazing!)

We love 3D printing on our mega printer but this one is so cute for tiny quick prints+comes with a cool app Library of toys to customize and so easy to just hit PRINT! Here is a link to their mega bundle that includes the plastic ink filaments and everything you might need to get started.

GIANT NASA LEGO Apollo Saturn V Lego set is over 3ft high and very very cool to keep out in a boys room or hang over their bed

but this time…? It gives you xray vision, checks your Pulse and continues to check your heart rate etc!

Favorite board game by far. exploding kittens is loved by all the teens here+all the neighborhood kids. A family game night must have.

RADDDD Bike Mount for your PHONE to play music, show GPS or film you riding

RADrunner Electric Bikes. We saved up from 2 weeks of science camp and bought two of these babies. Hoping to get a couple more soon for our fleet! There are some really cool add ons to customize it+there’s even an insulated cooler for deliveries!

These laser cut WOODEN MARBLE RUN MAZES our boys can build+ play with while still looking cool on their side table or desk. Also obsessed with the RUBBER BAND GUN made by the same company.

FLIPSide- a new hand held game they couldn’t get enough of from a camping trip they recently went on.. he said they played the entire 3 hour drive back.

We have a couple of these ICE CREAM MAKING SOCCER BALLS and can’t get enough! It has two chambers.. One for ice and salt and the other for your dole whip mixture🙆🏼‍♀️😍😍😍 roll and pass to your neighbor and before you know it.. you’ve made sorbet! Ice cream! Rainbow sherbet! 🌈

Electronic building kit for your smartipants engineres who loves robotics, mechanical engineering and all things science. We have made so many useful things from Kiwico from a table workstation retractable lamp to a lantern that doubles as a flashlight. Sign up for a subscription to get a build monthly or this 4pack to get you started.

FOUR PACK-ELECTRONIC BUILD SET: Light up speaker, light chasing robot, Geometric laser projector, hand crank Flashlight. Beckham is going to go crazy for this! Also love that they are individually packaged so you can divide them up among all your cool nephews or save for birthday presents!

Best OFF GRID Walkie talkie Motorola Talkabout T800 Bluetooth connection to your cell-phone which can create a mini messaging network even when you’re completely outside coverage. Range: 35 miles (line-of-sight), 6 miles. Battery: 14h (rechargeable)

THE COOLEST 3D PRINTER we’ve had for over 3 Years and even managed to bring it back from New York… We would definitley buy it again!


GLOW in the dark Soccer/football We are ALL about night games. Love the new variety out of glow balls. Be sure to get a set of these

CAPTURE THE FLAG NIGHT GAME set. Comes with enough markers for 14 players.

HEADLIGHT FLASHLIGHTS too. We love them for camping as well.

LAZER TAG set- I bought two of these and wish I bought three or four. Soooo fun for any age.

This WATERPROOF BAG from BABOONtothemoon fits 3-5 days worth of clothing for your next adventure. Has 4 roomy pockets and fits in the overhead bin. OBSESSSED to say the least.

WALKIE TALKIE- 2 way radio with flashlight+22 channels. 3 mile radius/4 day battery life. Rated the best for kids 6-13years

Nylon MESH PENNIES- love these for any sport at the park with all the cousins, neighborhood kiddies or a fun family night with another family! Get this alongside a flag football or the night games set.

FLAG FOOTBALL adventure bag complete with enough flags for 8 players, cones and two footballs

DUAL BASKETBALL ARCADE GAME- It even folds in half if you want to put it away and save room in your game room or garage! Apparently it safe to go outside but we keep ours in our garage and love it!

CLASSIC BLACK AND WHITE DART BOARD- this is the real deal Self healing dart board-order this pack of darts to go with it.

HAND UFO DRONES/toy helicopters We bought these last year and love them so much!

SLINGSHOT with built in laser!!!! If this doesn’t scream boy gift I don’t know what he does!

3-D WOODEN PUZZLE/RUBBERBAND gun These are so fun to take on camping trips and so cool to build yourself.

ROLLER BLADES because what doesn’t say Christmas more than new rollerblades!- and this

STREET HOCKEY SET -so excited for this one Comes with two sticks a puck and two goals 🤸🏽‍♂️ In case you are new here… we got roller blades for our APRIL FOOLS CHRISTMAS

found on Britbritbritbrit-IGTV

But someone is growing like a weed and needs a new and improved pair! Getting these and this super sick street hockey goal set after watching the mighty ducks on repeat

(For OC locals- this with tix to see the ducks would be raddddddd)

KIDS AGAINST MATURITY GAME Soooo fun. We have the cards against humanity version as well. Always a hit!


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