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Cream cheese+blackberry danish delish

Get out your puff pastry. Let it thaw while your oven preheats+ you assemble the filling. It’s that fast!


Cream cheese filling for sweet:

8oz cream cheese (no fat free crap here :)

1 tablespoon fage yogurt

3 T. sugar

2 tsp. lime juice, fresh!!

Lime zest from one whole lime

2+1/2 tsp. Vanilla


Mix this in food processor/mixer

Now for the puff pastry:

Starting on a @mysilpat or parchment paper..

CUT out 4 circles with a cookie cutter or floured mug. ROLL out the remaining dough and cut out two more. Use the last little bits for pretty braided edges.

EGG wash the edges and heap on chunky chunky turbinado/raw sugar.

Take a second glass a little smaller and score the inside of each round. DOCK each with a fork several times for air flow.

PLACE two Tablespoons of filling on each making sure to keep a boarder. Now the fun part! ARRANGE any kind of fabulous jam or fruit you have pretty or *rustically ;) keep some fresh ones to garnish with after. We did apricot and huckleberry jam we got from family who were in Montana on a trip 😍😍

THATS IT! Cook on parchment @400 for 15 min

Let cool once out so the cheese can firm back up a bit. Too with fresh berries/fruit and more lime zest🍓🍋🫐🍎🍑🍒

I haven’t made savory yet but this is what I plan on doing :)

Swapping the lime for lemon

Omit the vanilla and add your favorite seasoning salt..

then top with *everything but the bagel from @traders.. there was a delicious macaron shop on my corner columbus+87th when we lived in Manhattan that served the best hot cocoa, mediocre macarons and the freaking BEST savory danishes. Ham+cheese croissants and these babies. Will let you know how those turn out! I imagine they would be delish with lox and capers know.. for the whole nyc vibe experience. Just go out behind some buildings to eat it for the wonderful soundtrack of yelling delivery guys 👌🏼 if you make them tag with #CookingWithBritbrit !


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