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Curry chicken salad sandwiches

We love love love the Curry chicken salad sandwich mix from traders but it would cost a fortune to buy enough for a party.. so I turned it around and read the ingredients and whipped up our own using the Costco deli pre made chicken salad mix! Love that it already comes with shredded chicken, minced celery+onion mystery Mayo and spices. Ingredients:

One container of Costco chicken salad

1/2 bunch of cilantro roughly chopped

1cup cashews (roughly chopped +leaving a few whole ones)

1 cup golden raisins

1 cup halved purple grapes

3-4 Tablespoons curry powder to taste

freshly grated pepper+chunky salt

1 package Costco croissants halved+pan fried

Mix and let sit for an hour for ultimate flavor or eat right away! No complaints either way here!

(croissants magically toast up so beautifully in a cast iron pan since they are basically made of butter I don’t add anything to the pan I just let it do it’s magic)

This adds so much Smokey woodsy camp firey flavor. 🥐👌🏼

Another option is lemon pepper with a zest+squeeze of fresh lemon+heaps of arugala +garlic salt 🍋


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