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El Breakfast tacos

Fried cheese.corn tortilla.brown sugary smoked bacon. creamy peppery cheesy black beans. two softly fried eggs.fresh onions. cilantro. all. in. one. bite!

Here is a super simple Blender salsa made with my favorite kitchen tool:the vitamix

we have had ours for over 14 years. love using it for salsa, hummas, smoothies, ice cream, soups and even hot chocolate. Literally pour the milk in straight from the fridge, and 4 minutes later, viola! Steamy hot cocoa.Sometimes I like to whip my cream in it with vanilla syrup right before we do hot cocoa and we don't even clean it out. In goes the chocolate, milk and sometimes a peppermint stick.


BLACK BEANS- OK lets talk about these beans. They are creamy+cheesy+and peppery good.

1 can of black beans drained and rinsed

2 splashes-1/2 C. of cream

1 handful of Mexican blend cheese

8 turns of black pepper

sprinkle of taco seasoning if you're bored.

Simmer these babies on down and slightly give them a mash

These should be kinda sweet and a good balance with the salsa and bacon magic.

CARAMELIZED BACON- How on earth can bacon get any better..

Half way thru your favorite bacon cooking method..sprinkle bacon strips with brown sugar and sometimes a sprinkle or two of cayenne.edges will get that burnt sugar deliciousness and all will be right in the 2020 mask wearing even in your car with no one else in it and dont forget the gloves still on the stearing wheel world.

Fresh Blender salsa:

Well come and make some! Have a blender? Perfect!


Place these in order in a strong blender:

3 cloves garlic (don't worry about peeling these guys)

1/2-1 jalapeño seeded or 2 yellow peppers

1/2 red onion or half a bunch of green onion tops

2 cans of diced tomatoes

Juice from half a lemon

Two goood pinches of salt

5 rounds of cracked black pepper

Sprinkle of cumin

3/4 bunch of cilantro

(Rip into thirds if your blender can’t hack it.. and just toss the last little dirty ends- I like to save the prettiest tops for the last last min or for garnish with more pepper)

TRY THIS with grilled veggies too! (Tomato+onion+jalapeño)

✨DID you know: cilantro has just enough flavor in the stems as it does in the pretty leaves?

YUP! Be sure to tell ALL your friends, I sure do! 🙆🏼‍♀️🥰😘


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