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focaccia focaccia

One of our favorite breads to make. Feeds an army, toppings are endless and that golden crust+chunky salt combo with olive oil is literally a gift from God.

Overnight no fuss Focaccia

Emily’s Focaccia✨make it now to eat tonight. Make it tonight to eat tomorrow🙂this bread is so easy Beckham can do it👌🏼 My friend Emily is supppper talented and makes food and makes it look so beautiful. she made two humans at once, so so cute and spunky, and is a rocking hairstylist who did fun music videos with me back in the day- Demi's cool for the summer, Hailee Steinfeild's love myself+Ariana Grande's into you i think? anyways. love her. her love for food and her focaccia.

Mix all ingredients:

3 C.flour

1tsp. Yeast

Heavy drizzleS of olive oil

1.5C.warm water


Come back in 4-8 hours and follow the steps in Instagram stories under focaccia for fun topping ideas! or follow along here:

Oil a cast iron pan, dump in the dough. Press all those beautiful holes in +top with fresh herbs, loads of chunky flakey delicious salt a few cracks of tellicherri pepper and a very generous drizzle of olive oil.

Bake at 25 min @410 then rest for another 20.

Want to make this sooner?

Add a drizzle of honey at the beginning, double the yeast and add hot water instead. Should take an hour..punch down, put in pans..wait to raise again about 30 min then cook for 25.

(Make sure it’s near a heat source or proofing in a warm oven)


Double tap to shop my favorites!

• We’ve been baking this focaccia on a 9×13 baking sheet drizzled with olive oil. Oil is essential to prevent sticking+a key flavor for focaccia.

•Yeast. Buy it in bulk, transfer it to a quart storage container, and store it in your fridge for months. You can store it in the freezer also.

• We love rosemary on focaccia, but you can use fresh garlic, rosemary, thyme, and basil or any combination of the above. No matter which topping you use, drizzle olive oil all over the surface.

• You can make focaccia more quickly, but it turns out especially well if you mix the dough the day before you plan on baking it. The second rise, too.. the longer the better. if you can wait 2-4 hours do it. :)

• Bake until golden brown. Set the oven to broil for the last minute if you want it really crispy. But watch it;) we have been known to make too many loaves and forget about a few only to find out we made croutons.

• Halve it with the intention of making a sandwich. ohhh this sous vide tritip sandwich was insane!


Try any of these topping ideas to add to the already classic sea salt+olive oil:

*Sharp cheddar cheese coarsely grated+fresh jalapeños+fresh rosemary

*Thin slices of red onion and red potato rounds cut thin with a mandoline

*Fresh thyme+ thin lemon wheels+roasted garlic

*Sun gold baby tomatoes halved+chunks of good parm reggiano+fresh basil added after+drizzles of freshly made pesto

*Classic-italian seasoning salt+pepper

*Bust out all those exotic infused oils or salts you have and give them a whirl


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