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Rustic no knead baguettes

Rustic bread. Have you made it yet. What in the world are you waiting for if you haven’t?

Use hot water if you are starting in the morning and cold water for over night. ANYONE can make this. Beckham and Oliver (13+10 years old) started taking over and now we just.can’t stop.

It comes together in just a few minutes with your fingertips. Or this rad Swedish whisk. Cover with plastic wrap and come back to it anytime within the next 4-18 hours.

Here’s how:


1/4 tsp. Yeast

1.5 cups water

3 cups bread flour


(Bread flour has more protein and lighter for a better texture and chewiness)

Cover with plastic.walk away.

4-6 hours later if you used hot water..

12-24 hours later if cold....

PREHEAT oven WITH your baguette pan/ cast iron pan/allclad pot (and lid) @450

While waiting for your oven, wake up your dough by pulling on the sides.. sprinkle with a little flour and form it into a tight little ball.

Once it’s been a good 20-30 min and the oven is preheated…

Baguette pan directions: spray with nonstick, place rolls on each, egg wash+season, then score. Cover with foil for the first 25 minutes. Then remove for the remaining 10.

Normal loaf directions:

Place on parchment and drop into the hot pot while holding the four corners. Place lid on top.. bake for 30 min. Remove lid. BAKE another 15 min and voila!

More tips and what each step looks like in the RUSTIC highlight on the good ol Instagram story favs☝🏼☝🏼

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