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FRENCH bread- ready in 1 hour.

FRENCHbread With different season salts+a fresh egg wash.

Garlic +rosemary are always a hit 🧄🌿 the bottoms of these babies are where the magic is.. 🙌🏻

Who LOVES to make easy less than an hour bread?

2+1/4 C. Hot water

4tsp. Yeast


4-6C. Bread flour

Giant pinch of sugar or drizzle of honey

•Combine water+yeast+sugar wait 5 min till bubbly

Then add in the salt+flour +add an extra cup of flour if its sticking to the sides

•Preheat 450° Cover with plastic wrap and let rise for 20 min near the hot oven vents

(or warm garage)

•Divide dough in half-shape into long or round loaves pinching ugly seams underneath, grease the pans good and let the pretty dough rest for another 20 in the pan but wait!

You must egg or milk wash the tops+THEN sprinkle with your fav season salts THEN score

•Place in piping hot oven for 15-18 min if tops get brown before times up.. top loosely with a sheet of foil

Make some creamy Carbonara pasta tonight, Swiss fondue or whip up some super quick Bruschetta while this is baking. Here is a post with some of my favorite tips!


Bread lame cutter- for scoring french bread +rustic bread loaves...make your 5 second over night rustic loaves look like they came from a real boulangerie

French Bread pan with all the glorious little holes for that classic french bread texture. I suggest buying two pans. why? It will take up the same amount of space, and who only needs 2 loaves? One will be eaten right away with butter or bruschetta or olive oil and this crunchy garlic and the second+third with dinner. Oh! your neighbor stopped by to drop off an unexpected treat? no worries, greet her with your 4th loaf. no one ever was sorry they had an extra loaf of warm french bread.

This Season salt is dannnnnnnng good. my friend Stefanie gave it to me one year for a Christmas treat + a box of her freshly laid eggs. so good on bread, so good on a scramble, avocado toast, garlic cheesy bread or mac n cheese.

Need a new basting brush you can actually wash? cool. Get a couple of these and you are good to go. I have one labeled for savory and one for sweet. You know, just in case the kiddies are doing the dishes this week.

I found a set of my favvvorrrite salts I got individually-collected when I was in Iceland shooting a hair commercial. I couldnt put one or two of them on here because come on. Its like picking a favorite child. And who could (ok its violet) do that.


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