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GRANOLA dairy free with cashew+pecan+macadamia nuts

Make this today! Tomorrow morning you’ll be happy you did :)

All you need is oats + maple syrup/honey and loads of NUTS!


3cups any NUTS you like

(I like the salty mixed nuts from Costco)

Leave the cashews and pecans and Marcona almonds whole-chop the rest

(I do 1/3 of that amount just roughly chopped boring raw almonds) but really it doesn’t matter :)

Back to the recipe:


5 cups OATS

1-2 cups COCONUT

(I love adding Trader Joe’s coconut shaving CHIPS at the very end)

2tsp. SALT


1cup BROWNsugar

1/2 cup MAPLEsyrup (real stuff only)

1/2cup HONEY

2/3cup vegetable/coconut/olive or avo OIL

✨ after cooking 20 minutes add in your dried fruit bake another 10 minutes until edges are bubbly and or golden

1cup of your favorite dried fruit: mangoes craisins strawberry apricot blueberry pineapple

We love doing hazelnuts with cinnamon and craisins too! ps These mini matte dumpling bowls are from @daiso and perfect portion control for serving up littles especially for dessert time


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