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Home Made CROUTONS, holy yum+easy

Ima break it down for you ready..

Step one. rip or cut up day old bread. French bread, focaccia, rustic, ciabatta

Like so...

Step two: heavily drizzle on your favorite oil-preferably a fancy olive oil

Step three:add chunky shavings of parmeggiano reggiano

Step who knows: sprinkle with garlic seasoning.. if using garlic salt well then by all means, don't add the chunky salt..

step cinco: toss and prepare on a baking dish with parchment paper so you can use all those delish bread crumbs and crispy cheese bits.

while you're at it, throw on a few slices later for a quick appetizer with your guests along side some fresh from the garden bruschetta.

Keep a close eye on these babies, they toast up real quick under the broiler. 2-5 minutes until golden. (don't have a broiler? try roasting them at 450 for 5-10 minutes or stove top works as well!

ps make these Croutons to have with this yummy and equally beautiful Tomato basil bisque soup.. ( post coming real soon)


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