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SO excited to announce: classtime! Watch this class and learn how to make 1HOUR cinnamon rolls 3ways

Come to class! Fluffy and slightly sweet dinner rolls coming right up! With this baking class I'll show you how to take one recipe and turn it into at least four. Chocolate hazelnut swirl bread, inspired by Zabar's in NYC, cinnamon swirl bread, berry rolls with a two second lemon icing and of course, why you're all here ...cinnamon rolls all in one hour from start to eating. I've also included a maple espresso cream cheese frosting. Along with these there is a detailed shopping guide and recipe prints for each. Invite some friends over for brunch later today to enjoy these with XOXO Brit

Espresso maple cream cheese CINNAMON ROLLS

BERRY BUNS with a lemon glaze

soft + fluffy DINNER ROLLS

chocolate hazelnut swirled BABKA



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