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Orzo pasta salad+Raspberry vinaigrette

Cannot wait to share our favorite shortbread cookies with you + how to press flowers in 2 minutes instead of waiting 2 months! These recipes+how to will be on next weeks love letter🌼🌸💛 So in the mean time go get yourself a beautiful whismy bouquet of Chamomile+pansies to enjoy this week.

Summer ORZO salad! Love to kick off Spring with this salad I learned and adapted from my very favorite Italian women Marylin Staffieri. If you know her, you know how to proper garden, swap out refined sugar and you know how to substitute things for even more delicious flavor. The original recipe is golden raisins+Pepitas+currants.. so if you have them, go for it :) this recipe is so darn it good- you won’t find yourself venturing off too far to find them currants. If you do, get me a bag cause I have yet to! OH and the only thing to not sub out: the raspberry vinaigrette✨

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Store leftovers in this white tureen

Serve it from this beautiful oversized handmade shallow bowl

Preserve extra dressing in these..or send your guests home with leftovers for tomorrows lunch

Classic and everyone should own this ALL-Clad soup pot

Brown up those Pine nuts in these non stick-fool proof Allclad pans plus-only $92. for a 2 pack!

blend up that dressing: this vitamix we have had for over 14 years and its $160 off right now ah!

fav chef knife beautiful and such great quality

Don’t have a mini food processor? I really should just leave this cutie on the counter we use it so much

3 piece STAUB set more than half off.. run! How cute is this Beast Blender comes in two colors

LOVE this carafe set. comes with lilac/teal


1box cooked+cooled ORZO

Equal amounts of these:

(Roughly around 1-2cups)


Chopped craisins

Toasted pine nuts

Yummy seasoned grilled chicken

(Never boiled. No chicken ever lived her life to be boiled.bleh.or canned)

2cups finely finnnnely chopped spinach (I pack them in a pretty little stack and thinly slice across both ways like I’m making a plaid print 😂) the idea here is to keep everyone guessing to what it is :)


Favorite Raspberry Dressing!

Place all in a mini food processor or blender:

1T Italian seasoning

A few pinches each of salt+pepper

2 garlic cloves

Drizzle of real maple syrup

2/3 C. Olive oil or Avo oil

1/3 C. Raspberry vinegar

(If you don’t have this shame shame on your family name but you can swap out for red wine vinegar+10 raspberries and a couple strawberries) I’ve had to do this in some out of town away from my treasured pantry occasions

Make this for your next BBQ, picnic, baby shower or pretend get together. So fresh and colorful and happy and pretty🙆🏼‍♀️👌🏼 feel free to add more of any of your favorites of these things. If you are a feta girl.. totally add more.. craisins? Go for it. This is one of our v v favorite summer salads. Love you Marylin!

How to make the vinegar? 1 large weck jar, Mason or old pickle jar

fill to the brim with 1 carton of fresh a raspberries and rice wine vinegar. Place in garage and set a timer on your calendar for 4ish to 6 months. Just keep adding more jars to your collection as berries go on sale. We have added blood orange, tangerine and also a strawberry peach jalapeño that is so good!


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