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Yummy crate- with KiwiCo

We love love love Kiwico! Did you know the Kiwico subscription now has a box dedicated to the science of cooking? It helps kiddibops gain loads of confidence in the kitchen. Clarke even said ohhh yuck. I hate potatoes. And he does... but he said wow these look really good. I think I need to eat them all.

I’m a huge believer in having my kids along for the adventure in the kitchen. Either shopping for the ingredients, making a menu or prepping, all these steps help them have fun and appreciate mealtime 100x more.

Are you new to the Kiwicrate subscription? Use this link to get 60% off! Kiwico’s STEAM-based approach is designed to foster a love for the true SCIENCE of cooking, with recipes+activities that explore hands-on creativity+experimentation. It’s the perfect ingredients for family bonding time. Learning never tasted so good :)

Did you ever watch Alton Brown on the food network? I LOVED how he taught the why and how of baking.

TheYUMMY Crate teaches the same way only more hands on! We are taking science class into the kitchen this month and learning how leaveners help make food light and airy with stacks of fluffy pancakes, the browning powers of the Maillard reaction with hearty hamburgers, healthy colorful phytonutrients with the Korean rice bowl bibimbap, savory salmon skewers, fruity rainbow smoothies.

Here’s what comes in the Yummy box:

Portfolio of recipe cards

3 summer yummy family-friendly recipes that teach kitchen skills+explore the science of cooking

STEAM activities

Experiment with a specialty cooking tool, plus 2 hands-on projects for more creative fun and learning in (and out) of the kitchen

Yummy Zine magazine

Kid-friendly science, comics, history, and fun facts about food

Smashed potatoes+garlic salt+cheddar

first boil the

smash.sprinkle.drizzle with some olive oil

brown up in the oven and voila!😘👌🏼


Thanks for submitting!

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