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ACAI bowls with Clarke

Açaí bowls by the pool. Decorated.

What do you like to put in your açaí smoothies?

We like to keep it pretty simple and let the toppings do the talking.

2cups frozen berries

1 cup-ish açaí juice

1 frozen banana

Handful of frozen pineapple

If you don’t have these frozen fruits on hand fresh is just fine just add a cup or two of ice to help thicken it up! A fun trick I learned from Jeanette from @shutthekaleup was to add steamed then frozen cauliflower to your smoothies to help boost vitamins+nutrients and also help create those thick+lusciously high smoothie towers

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Here are some toppings we like to have on hand:

Pitaya powder love this one from @suncorefoods we add it to our yogurt bowls as well

Bee pollen (local is bessst and can help with seasonal allergies!)

fresh Pineapple-never canned

Slices of banana-always but fun if you sprinkle with pitaya powder

Berries fresh AND frozen AND freeze dried for fun these strawberries are great

Squeeze of fresh tangerine over the top

Home made granola- CLICK HERE to find the recipe for that!

How fun are these bowls! We use them for quinoa bowls, Kalua night bowls, granola+Yogurt bowls, Hummus+roasted veggies, Yellow Curry in a hurry night

Poolside brunch in February with all the freshest goods from @theecologycenter

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