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Coconut challah French toast with a blueberry lemon topping+ lemon mascarpone cream. Easier than you think!!! ps more in intagram stories under breakfast🥞🥓🍳 I used this left over tart cream from these plum tarts we made earlier this week (thank you @byronkonold for the recipe!) and it was divvvvine 😍😍



This electric Griddle. only way to feed the whole fambam at once. We also do bacon, an entire dozen of fried eggs and also toasting up french rolls for -french dip sandwiches.

This matte black Flatware we have had for over four+half years. love its thin handles and the flat knife

Shun classic bread knife we've had this one in the family for over a decade.

citrus hand juicer comes in lime and lemon AND orange sizes.

personally own all of them because sometimes you get a monster size lemon!

creates flakes of hard cheese, chocolate and zest. Top salads and pastas with Parmesan Reggiano or add natural flavors to lemon crème brûlée or vinaigrette. Stainless steel plane grates fine, lacy wisps from even the hardest cheeses


8 oz mascarpone cheese (or cream cheese)

1/3 cup of powdered sugar

1 cup of heavy cream

Zest of one meyer lemon

Juice of ½ meyer lemon

1 teaspoon vanilla

DIRECTIONS In mixing bowl fitted with a paddle attachment, mix cheese, powdered sugar, lemon zest, juice and vanilla until well incorporated. In a separate bowl, beat heavy cream until stiff peaks. Fold in 1/3 of the whipped cream into the mascarpone mixture until well incorporated, then fold in the remaining cream.

Do you really need a recipe for the rest? Ok in case you do.. Here’s what we threw together.. super simple but do all the things. Don’t sub with cool whip or margarine or fake cheese. pretty please. Butter your skillet/griddle goood Dip your toast in *egg mixture pat one side with flakkkkkey coconut then place in that gorgeous butter. Before flipping add coconut to this side Voila! Top the platter once they are all done with powdered sugar and fresh blueberry sauce.

In food processor squeeze half a lemon + a handful or two of blueberries+lemon sugar - if you don’t have it on hand add a few Tablespoons of sugar+ and a zest or two of lemon. Blend until you get the consistency you want.. adding a splash of H2° if you want it smoother. Pour this over your pile of heavenly toasted challah and top with a pretty little dollop of lemon cream or smear each with the goodness, and stuff them with fresh berries+sauce👌🏼 a little trick I learned from @thecottagelajolla except that version is strawberries and orange zest 🥰 which we make often but thought this could be a fun change of flavors 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️hope you give it a go, and let me know-tag it with #cookingwithbritbrit

*FRENCH TOAST egg mixture:

4 eggs

2 C heavy cream

1T.brandy or tangerine zest+juice

Handful of brown sugar


Pinch of salt


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