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Double Double toil+trouble; fire burn+cauldron bubble...{Macbeth, Shakespeare}

I rounded up my favorite items we have collected over the years but some you can purchase now for your holiday gatherings. Major score finding a 3pk of skulls for $10 for my chandelier. We planned to zip tie them on but witnessed a halloween miracle when they slipped right over the lights. Love our life sized +bendable Mr. Skeleton whose eyes also light up-total score for $30. Use code BRITBRIT15 for 15% off these cute halloween towels over at Geometry house.

CLICK to shop our favorites:

When Black Cats prowl and Pumpkins gleam, May luck be yours on Halloween. So thrilled you are here to Celebrate One of my most Favorite times of the year. I'll be showing you my favorite Potion and Specimen labels I've collected over the years for you to download, tutorials on how to make black pendant bunting, mini felt witch hats, tips on how to construct your own skull paper wreath and how easy it is to tea stain paper. I'll even let you in on a secret to where I got these skulls for $3, and a few more of my holiday favorites.

So, I would like.. if I may, to take you on a strange journey...right this way... {Rocky Horror Picture Show}

xoxo love britbritbritbrit

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Printables.Favor bags
+Appetizer Labels

Come this way and you will find poisons, tonics, elixirs, even beautiful petrified butter.flies. Add to any potion or stew to help mask foul odors in your antidotes or stinkiest brew. Link HERE.




1. Print on a sturdy linen textured cardstock

2. Cut straight down the middle-hotdog style

3. Fold each in half+Sew up the sides

4. Fill with dried, squirmy or gummy bugs

+ + + + + + + + + + + + +
lets do some TEA STAINING

GET YOUR DARKEST TEA BAGS out for this one..these crafts demand a good tea staining. Rummage through your recycling for wine, vinegar or soda bottles-for they make the coolest shaped candleholders, tonics and elixirs. Click here for a few of our favs. Make a pot of rich beige toned tea, using your tea bag-stamp messily over thick cardstock pages. Once dry-place straight into your printer for the spookiest of spells.

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b l a c k+flag+b u n t i n g DIY:

We have been using these flags for over 10 years. Pirate parties, viking parties, Harry potter day, and over the hill celebrations.

I originally used a sheet set from IKEA, honestly its the smartest way to go for garlands-ruffled, pleated, beaded or braided? My most favorite hack to get it much wider+cheaper than by the yard.

Measure how wide you want your flags, snip, rip for a perfect straight line and organic edges, fold down and cut the length you want each to be. Fold in half, measure up 1.5'' for a 5" wide flag and snip from the outside edge into the center. Repeat until you've made at least 30+. Bust out that hot glue gun+twine, draw a line of glue about a half inch down, lay the twine+fold the top of the flag over+add another line of glue as needed. LOVE having a variety of sizes, minis measuring 3" wide up to 9" as well.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + +

Using felt board, hot glue, and alligator clips+anything to bedazzle

grab a pickle jar lid or weck jar for the perfect sized 5" brim

cover the base with sparkly ribbon, cobwebs or spooky spiders

+ + + + + + + + + + + + +
Diy rolled paper SKULL wreath

My friend Mary and I have made this wreath maybe 3+times over the last 11 years. Not quite sure why our husbands and/or? kids somehow have throw them away..grrrr. they're so simple, you could whip up a new one in one crafternoon-especially if you put them to work ripping out the pages of a vintage book {the best-for that dingey yellow edge} or in our case this go around- lyrics of Micheal Jackson songs. Here are a few tips to get your party started.

Starting with a sturdy paper plate-STAPLE each book page to the outer rim-get them nice+tight slightly overlapping each. About 40. They will need a line of glue up the seam to hold them in place until you are ready to secure them. VINTAGE BOOKS LINKED HERE

Follow with a second row of the same size skinny cones- this time using hot glue having them meet in the center of the plate. don't worry-we'll cover the mess with something real cute.. be sure to hit this link to download yours. SKULL PRINTABLE LINKED HERE

1.Cut out your skull+mount on thick black cardstock

2.Spray paint, acrylic or water color a 12" doily black-let dry

3.Using brown packing paper, slightly smaller than doily- fold back+forth an inch to create accordion texture.

4.Hot glue each layer-ending with a striped string bow tie right below his chin or glitter on his crown + loop of twine on the back with a piece of paper over lapping the ends to secure.

{ hit the link above to download+print our mr. bones}

+ + + + + + + + + + +
Raise your hand

If you're going to try one of these crafts!

Forward to a friend who you'd like to have a crafternoon with. Make sure she bakes pumpkin bread or cinnamon rolls or just bring these quick ginger molasses cookies..!

Thanks for coming to our crafternoon.

xoxo britbritbritbrit

..a little bat told me ... a Ghoulish Menu for your little Ghosts+Goblins or Ghourls Night Galloween is coming next! See you witches then!


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