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Fried Ice Cream FIESTA

We fancy like...Tillamook Fried Ice cream with the whip cream and the cinnamon and the dark chocolate fudge on the tippity top. Here are some snaps- STEP by step... ready lets go!

Watch this Amigos..

My sister and I have been making Fried ice cream for years for Cinco de Mayo, Dia de Los muertos or even for an unexpected Taco Tuesday Fiesta. The only trick with making it is that you have to start it the NIGHT before to really make sure the shell is nice and hard and won’t fall apart once it hits that boiling hot oil. Jussst a note: make this along side these insanely easy and equally delish carnitas+elote corn+ homemade salsa+enchilada bites and dont forget the agua fresca for your next fiesta. Have a hard time giving out food assignments because you are a control freak and you want everything to match? yeah me niether.. just have your guests bring chips+guac from your favorite mexican resturant, fresh fruit+lime zest, or mexican sodas+topo chico and dont forget the jarritos orh shoot the beans+rice. Its basically thanksgiving. You cant leave any of these items off the list. Its not a fiesta without them or the chicklay or conches. (ps these recipes are coming soon :)

This really comes to life with a drizzle with home-made hot fudge sauce, honey, cinnamon sugar, whipped cream... all or any of it. recipes at the end of course ;)

It's a gonna get messy..


Scoop up an entire half gallon of ice cream out onto a parchment lined metal cookie sheet you can fit into your freezer-overnight. Love this one that comes with a plastic lid.

I buy multiples since they stack real nice+one takes up the same amount of room as 3.

Blend up your Honey Bunches of Oats.Blend it reeeeal good in your Vitamix. Because, well there isn't any other way. We have had ours since Beckham was born. 14+ years.

Put your cereal coating in a cute little or larger than this bowl... LBH bigger would be great for dipping+rolling


Crack them cute little farm fresh eggs-start with 6-then see where life takes you.


Dip balls of pre-scooped ice cream..(from last night)

First in whisked egg bowl, then in blended cereal mixture

I use either costco vanilla or trader joes super creamy vanilla, and also Tillamook's chocolate peanut butter swirl for funzies.

Step. cuatro

Return to the freezer, for a couple hours then repeat step 3.

Dip in egg mix, then in cereal again, then return to the freezer for their long winters nap.


Heat up some vegetable oil-nevvvvver canola unless you want your food and kitchen to smell like fish... gotta love those omega-3 fatty acids..

Test the heat with one *single drop of water.. once it snap crackle and pops... your oil is ready. (I like to keep mine at med) I don't use a thermometer but if you did- it should be 375 degrees.

Fun story, during a cinco de mayo party we were grilling outside and i thought it would be such a great idea to make these over the grill, except i threw more than a sprinkle of water in the pan and whewwww a fountain of hot oil went evvverywhere. the rest is a blur. a messy oily blur. friends dont let friends drink and drive folks. friends dont let friends throw more than a drop of water in a pot of piping hot oil. k thanks love you bye


Carefully lower your frozen ice cream ball into the piping hot oil about 8 seconds each side . If it doesn't bubble- immediately return to the freezer and wait until the oil comes back up to the proper heat level.

A little bts while ms. heidi from snaps away some magic.

every last bite. holy crap delishhhhhh

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Fried ice cream RECIPE:

1 box of honey bunches of oats-blended

1 dozen eggs (whisk and use as needed)

1 half gallon of good vanilla ice cream-scooped

vegetable oil-heated

honestly thats it!

honey.cinnamon+sugar.whipped cream. this hot fudge.

Home-made Chocolate hot fudge sauce:

1 can of sweetened condensed milk

1-12oz bag of good chocolate chips

1 stick of butter

1 cup corn syrup

optional: 1tsp. sea salt+1tsp. espresso powder


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