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Itza Pizza p a r t y-a lovestory about crust

Pizza crust, I mean PIZZAparty on repeat

Italian sausage+pineapple+jalapeno YUM. Lemon+rosemary+potato+red onion YES. Thai peanut chicken with carrot sesame salad on top ohhh yes..fig jam+gouda+bacon+fresh thyme?? OK these are all winners but as exotic+fun we seem..we honestly love the classic Naples style: Simple home made tomato sauce, fresh buffalo mozzarella, fresh basil before+after the oven, sometimes sopprasata/pepperoni and always Drizzzzzzled with chili infused honey as it comes out. (find that simple recipe HERE)

These three recipes we love and have made over and over and doubled and tripled:

One ready in an hour- one in 5- one 12-24 hours for you plan ahead-ers.

Excited to take you on a pizza journey with us starting with crust.then sauce, toppings +HOThoney gold. Scroll on down + SHOP all our Favorite Friday night Pizza Party Finds.




(480g) warmish water

(15g) active dried yeast/ or if you have the good stuff (30g) fresh

(750g) bread flour (00 is our fav)

1T. salt

2T olive oil (for the bowl)

(100g) semolina/fine cornmeal/rice flour for dusting

MIX yeast+water+drizzle of *honey +wait 5 min then add the rest.. knead for a good 10 min..

let rest (20-30 min) in a welllll oiled bowl covered with wrap.. In a nice warm place.

(Window sill/warm garage/next to cooking crockpot)

Separate into 4 balls making them nice and cute and round (video in PIZZA instagram highlight) oil the tops, cover and let sit while your oven+pizza stone heat up AS HIGH AS IT GOES (15-20min)

Pop in with toppings until bubbly and golden 👌🏼

. . . . .

TOSS+stretch for an airy texture, ROLL for a consistent flatbread vibe, or PRESS for a soft delicate pizza+let it sit half an hour before adding toppings.Dough too wet? The stickier your dough is, an airy crust it will be once baked.


2 tsp. yeast

1 T sugar

1 1/2 tsp. salt

1 3/4 C. warm water

1/3 C.olive oil

5-6 C. BREAD flour or 00 flour

Mix, the extra cup of flour is optional depending on the climate of where you live..just make sure your dough ball comes together and isn’t sticking to the bowl walls. Separate into 6, form cute little balls and place in a Pyrex-type dish with a lid or an oiled side down of plastic wrap works too.

Make sure your normal oven is atleast to 550. You need it as HOT as it can go :)

So easy.

Mix up.go on a hike.Come back 5 hours later.

Voila! Dinner!

. . . . .

12-24HOUR/overnight DOUGH:

1/2 teaspoon instant yeast

2 cup cool water

1 teaspoon honey

4 cups flour

1 tablespoon kosher salt

few drizzles of olive oil

Mix, no knead* to make it perfect, let sit covered for 12 hours on your counter top and up to 24 hours. Rain check on your pizza party? no prob-this dough is even better the longer you wait. Good for up to 3 days if kept in an oiled bowl and covered in the fridge- just rest at room temp an hour before you are ready . . . . . .

GHARRINGfamily favorite:

Two spoonfuls of sauce swirled thin

Fresh Buffalo mozz


Chunky salt along the crust (weird infused salt is fun to try here)

After cooked add basil leaves+Thai chili infused honey to evvvery bite.

. . . . .


Here is the breakdown.

5-10 Thai chilies

Chop with gloves on

Add to 10oz honey or double this if you don’t want it too spicy.

Bring to a beautiful boil and turn off right away. Let sit over low heat for 1 hour to infuse. Taste+adjust. Strain and transfer to a cute jar or squeeze bottle. Can last up to 3 months.. but we’ve never made it passed a month. It’s good.

. . . . .


Olive oil+garlic 2 cloves halved (not jarred don’t you dare)

Swirl around in a pan until it smells beautiful then add in

CENTO whole tomatoes

Crushing them with your hands one at a time like they do in Naples. (If you are making it for a crowd feel free to just blend up the whole thing) the juice will make it a little too wet so pour out a little-don’t use too much on each pizza but a couple spoonfuls.

A few pinches of salt+fresh ground pepper and a sprinkle or two of dried oregano + basil chiffonade. Let sit to develop flavors while you assemble your toppings and get your dough going :) remember to discard garlic chunks. *sometimes we mince them instead and leave them in the sauce🤸🏽‍♀️

POUR sauce back into cento can for fun and one less dish to clean


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