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The Best Home Gloss Products, According to experts:tfs the fashion spot+VOGUE

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Do you have a drawer full of serums, shine sprays and lotions but confused on how to actually achieve shiny hair? Here are some steps you can take to getting it back to being healthy and shiny: Ask your stylist if they offer surface/dusting trims, get a shine gloss treatment on your next visit and mask weekly. I love offering my clients a dusting every other visit, which is a trim that instead of cleaning up just the lonely survivors along the bottom, it cleans up old breakage+layers that are at risk of splitting or those pesky white tips. This offers a very smooth canvas for moisture to be absorbed back in and penetrate on a deeper more substantial level.

Not able to see your stylist? Here are a few ways you can spruce things up on your end until you meet again...


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Love these SLIP pillow cases. Violet and I cant live without them I have a set of the black and violet has the rose. Another option are these-Good Housekeeping winner for 2020 which comes in a two pack/half the price-silk on both sides+made with 100% mulberry silk.

Revive+repair hair with this finishing mist.Comes

in gold or purple for the brightest of blondes.

This heat protective blowout spray by IGK mimics the smoothing frizz free results of a keratin treatment without the 3 hour long salon day or bill.

Davines this is an invisible serum This serum is lightweight and helps define your natural texture. Smoothing down frizz isn’t always about getting super straight locks but also enhancing the beautiful texture you already have. This product is extremely concentrated so a little goes a Long way and best applied to damp hair.

All images taken backstage NewYorkFashionWeek at Cushnie et Ochs. for TRESEMME. Sponsored by Tresemme. Using Keratin smooth serum+Tresemme Compressed Micro Mist Hair Spray. ENEWS for RHOBH


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