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The 6 Best Hot Straightening Brushes, According to stylists:VOGUE+NEWBEAUTY:

Getting the hair of your dreams is rarely ever easy, and I should know—I’ve literally tried it all-on clients in the salon, editorial, runway or myself. But, every once in awhile a game-changing tool comes around and makes us think twice, like the straightening brush. This is not the hot comb of your childhood, with a bad reputation for causing burns when too close to the scalp. The straightening brush tames curly or textured hair in one swoop, functioning as the best of a brush mixed with a hot tool. I was asked by NewBeauty to share my favorite straightening brush and a few tips to using it on myself and/or models hair.

I have used quite a few different heated straightening brushes, and the Brush Crush is by far the most efficient. I love that it has a heat control so you can tailor it to fit you or your clients’ needs: lower temps for fragile or damaged hair and higher for more resilient waves.

After brushing through a heat protectant like WATERFALL by R+Co roughly blowdry with your concentrator on- each section of your hair- Making sure you get your entire hairline. (Air-dried hair works too:) Take a section of hair the length of the brush (about one-inch wide) and brush from your roots down to your ends. Make sure to hold your ends taught and create a bit of tension, which will ensure even heat distribution and seal in smoothness.

  • To add a bit of volume in your fringe area, using these alligator clips take a section from both sides of your part about the same size as the brush and hold it straight up like a mohawk.

  • Brush from the roots on up and toward your mirror. Let it cool while still holding those ends straight up in a mohawk to set for runway-worthy volume that will last all day.

  • Seal down those ends with another dollop of WATERFALL by R+Co cocktailed with Oribe's GOLD LUST oil and you will be sitting polished+pretty.


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