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Simple Arugula Lemon Salad

SO simple you don't even need to write it down.

1. Start with a few handfuls of arugula

2. Squeeze half a lemon (cut side up to catch any falling seeds)

3. Thinnnnly sliced red onions then quickly rinsed to calm their bite

4.Thin shavings of parmigiano-reggiano

5. Drizzle of fancy olive oil

6. Chunky but delicate Maldon salt+a few cracks of tellicherry pepper

Love serving this salad on pizza party night, on the side if you must but so delish on top a slice. Great as a base for leftover roasted veggies+grilled chicken with heaps of hummus or turned into something entirely different with homemade croutons+roasted salmon. please pretty please add this to your weekly menu and just drink up those beautiful leafy greens!

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