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Our family has been making this gem since beckham was a teeny baby. ok so thats over 14 years. It's a baby, toddler, husband and crowd pleaser. Honestly? I hated tomato soup until I tried a bite of my friends when we were out to lunch before I had kiddies.ha. Nordstrom cafe's tomato basil bisque has nothing on this one.-and did I mention it comes together in just under 5 minutes. Lets party.

Whether you are feeding an army or just your cute little self-this soup is great all week long. especially in the cooler months upon us.. "Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall ." what movie!? My kids beg for it literally the very next day. I recommend doing pesto slathered crostinis sandwiched with fresh mozzarella inside-extra crusty and dipped into this dreammy tomato soup. Whatever you do. . . make these croutons to go with it. Or drizzle some of this Crunchy garlic/or garlic infused oil -holy yum I'm doing this next time we make tomato soup!

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Love these Immersion Blenders to keep the wonder inside the one pot wonder.

Here is a more affordable one and $25 of right now - try out until you are ready to get

this super fancy shmancy one from vitamix. getting this for myself for christmas!!

(que anna from frozen's super excited giggle+shoulder scrunch)

Obsessed +might buy 5 more of these Hand Crank Turkish Black Seed Grinder's

Dont ask how many of these cute weck jars we have- they are just too cute

These Herb scissors are so fun and make chopping simpler straight over the dish


2 cartons tomato+red pepper soup (trader joes)

1 jar San Marzano whole tomatoes (the good ones from italy)

1 cup cream

15-20 turns of ground black pepper

2 handful FRESH basil leaves, flowers +more for garnish

drizzles of pesto+olive oil+drops of heavy cream for garnish

Just heat up over the stove+hand crush the marzanos, if thats too rustic for you-by all means, use an immersion blender for you texture weirdos. love you!

ATTN: The simpler the recipe.. the more fresh your ingredients need to be. So in this case you are lucky duckies since all you need to do is fetch some pesto+fresh basil. The rest should be in your food storage, emergency preparedness section or just the good ol pantry staples.

These gorgeous images are by the super duper uber boober talented @CassyRowlandphotography she does families, cool people and now.. food :)


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