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Get these waves.beach.tousled.waves.

Alice+Olivia for VOGUE: I created this bouncy+tousled wave using two irons, beach spray, shine+smoothing products to lock down the cuticle and keep it shiny, texture spray for separation+fullness and you guessed it texture.

STEP ONE: infuse R+Co WATERFALL-moisture+shine lotion + Bumble&Bumble SURFSPRAY into the hair using a blowdryer with its concentrator on with medium heat.

STEP TWO: Using these T3 strong alligator clippies, spray R+Co OUTER SPACE light hold hairspray layer by layer+brush out with DRYBAR's super lemon brush. Wrap one inch sections of hair around a 1.25" curling iron starting about 1/4 of the way down+leaving the ends just barely out. Watch video below for more secret BTS tips. Alternate sections with 1" curling iron or rod. I love using this interchangeable iron set from T3. For 20% off use code: BRITGT320

STEP THREE: making a number four with your fingers- rake thru the waves starting from underneath and making your way thru the top. lightly mist ORIBE'S texture spray on roots, waves+ends for lift+gritty lived unpolished texture

STEP FOUR: define waves without a trace using ORIBE's matte wave cream for ends+ or this serum:GOLD LUST for adding some shine back in. Forgo any perfume you planned on wearing- this oribe texture spray layered with matte waves and lust oil is delicious all on its own.

STEP FIVE: finish with VICIOUS Strong Hold Flexible to lightly lock it all in place.


For 20% off T3 products use code: BRITGT320


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