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Avocado toast

Let’s kick things up a notch🤸🏽‍♀️

What is better in the morning than a thick slice of loud+crusty day old rustic bread covered in butter and topped with a pile of fresh avocado+bacon. We all know and love the *everything but the bagel seasoning but have you tried squeezing a lemon over, smoke infused salt, poached egg? What about drizzling with an infused Thai chili honey, or topping with Trader Joe’s chili onion crunch? d e l i s h! Here are a few fun ways to redress your already deliciouso avo toasto.

Loving these old and new kitchen gadgets:

raw edge cutting board, this mango wood board is gorgeous too.

black Icelandic sprinkling salt

weck cream+milk jugs

flat offset spatula

rad wooden cutting boards/platters

citrus hand juicer

12" Microplane soft handle zester/grater

this serrated shun knife I’ve had for over 12 years

I found a set of my favvvorrrite salts

This Season salt is dannnnnnnng good

favorite honey pot


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